3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Sign


Signs are everywhere, and while the main objective of an outdoor sign is to call out a business location and attract customers, it’s important your sign also stand out from your neighbors and competitors. We’ll go through the three ways how you can achieve the maximum effect of your outdoor sign.

1. Visibility

This seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, you’d be surprised how something as basic as understanding customer sightlines plays a big role into making sure your sign gets noticed. Before designing a sign even occurs, it’s important to look at your location from the same angle your customer would. Remove any trees or shrubs that would block ideal placement of the sign. If your business runs next to a road, place the sign within the driver’s field of vision. A sign with a 90-degree angle to the road will be noticed and seen much more easily than a sign that runs parallel.

2. Readability

Now that you know where to place your sign, it’s key that your audience can read it. Understanding sight distance, or the distance at which your customers will regularly view the sign, is crucial because it will determine letterheight in your sign. As a rule of thumb, 1 inch letterheight is equal to 10 feet of optimum visibility. Contrasting colors and clean fonts are also your best friend when ensuring your sign can be viewed by your target audience.

3. Conspicuity AKA making sure your sign stands out

Now that you’ve figured out where your sign should go and how to make it legible, it’s time to make it pop. The best way to start down this path is to make sure your sign is large enough and doesn’t blend in. Signs that are too small or are placed next to too many objects of similar colors might as well be invisible. You have just a few seconds to capture your customers attention, and the way to do that is by setting yourself apart from your surroundings. Have legible colors and a design that calls out your business. To ensure you can be seen in bad weather and at night, illuminated signs are great options.

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