Design & Installation

From concept to execution, our team is hands-on every step of the way.

GrandMark Signs employs dedicated professionals which are committed to excellence.

This team attitude encourages us to rely on each other and collaborate on design innovations, incorporate new technology into projects, and tackle each project as a unique opportunity to flex our creative muscle for our clients.

Working with an innovative team means gaining access to unique products and techniques – such as our magnetic receptor material that makes it simple to change out posters, menu boards and promotional materials.

One of our clients, WorkView, used this magnetic surface to communicate their Mission Vision and Values in their Boardroom. It was an easy-to-use solution that could be updated at any time without the need for permanent markings on the walls.

We’d love to collaborate on your next project with you!

Magnetic Signage

Our magnetic receptor media makes it cost effective and easy to change out menu boards, promotional posters and key visuals. It includes the magnetic material that attaches to a wall and the magnetized media material that we can print and create vibrant graphics and copy. Ask for a demonstration and free sample.

Textured Surfaces

Need an industrial grade film for brick, concrete and stucco walls? We’ve got you covered with amazing new science for deep textured surfaces. This material is specifically formulated to adhere to the most difficult surfaces and will get your business noticed!

Accent Walls

Want to add an accent wall to your boardroom, lobby or office? Our Print & Apply Fabric makes it easy. We can print the most crisp, clear and beautiful images and apply it to your surface in no time. It’s also super easy to remove and does not damage the paint or surface.