Repair & Retrofit

Sign Refinishing,
Repair & Retrofit

Nothing lasts forever, but GrandMark Signs can give you the next best thing – repair and retrofit services to help keep your signs, displays and graphics looking professional.

Our team doesn’t simply custom design a sign for your company, manufacture it, install it, and then disappear. We offer repair services to extend the longevity of any existing sign, whether a monument sign or a smaller post and panel sign.

GrandMark Signs works with signs created by other companies as well – helping you get the most value out of your signage no matter where it was originally created.

Our knowledge of visual communications allows us to restore a wide array of graphics and displays – regardless of their origin.

Love Your Existing Signs? Restore. Refurbish. Renew.

Looking to keep your expenses down? You’ll find no better way than refinishing or refurbishing your signs or displays. Bypassing the cost of full replacement, sign restoration can produce the same results for less.

Have an Emergency? We Have a Solution.

In Kansas and the surrounding states, we can experience some pretty extreme weather. Fortunately, our experienced team can take care of everything from bird nest removal to major storm damage repairs. You’re only a phone call away from bringing your display back to its original condition - assuring your customers it's back to business as usual.

Sometimes the best sign is the one you already own.

Not every sign need requires a new installation. The opportunities of retrofit sign work allow existing assets, such as poles or monument structures, to be reused in efficient ways with modern upgrades. Let GrandMark Signs review your job to provide expert and creative advice.